We take pride in the quality provided by our products and employees, and we are honored to provide that high level of quality to our partners. We employ a holistic quality management system to ensure we meet the highest levels and standards at every stage of our process.

Wewalka is audited continuously by international certification bodies and has been achieving the best possible certification results for many years.

Check our progress at www.rspo.org


Our QM team ensures the highest levels of compliance and we act as an expert advisor in legal aspects affecting food quality, labeling laws and food standards.


Our in-house technology team ensures that machines and systems are state of the art. This allows us to set the strictest standards for product quality, food safety, employee safety and process assurance. We also ensure round-the-clock technical maintenance and servicing of all our production machines and technical equipment, which is the basis for our delivery reliability.


On two production sites, our highly skilled bakery and production specialists ensure consistency and competitive, high-quality products with a unique combination of artisan and mechanized production. The swift, reliable and punctual delivery to our customers with refrigerated fresh doughs is our highest priority.