Mini Pizza dough

Our Mini Pizza Dough consists of 6 mini pizzas, pre-perforated & rolled on baking paper and is an ideal party snack for children’s birthdays or individual pizza for every family member!
Our Pizza Dough is a yeast dough refined with olive oil and perfect flour-to-water ratio which gives the pizza its beautiful golden crispy crust on the outside and its chewy texture in the middle. Our dough is conveniently rolled on baking paper and ready to use in no time.

Pizza is the most popular dish in the world these days. No wonder! Pizza dough is a real jack-of-all-trades that can be topped and filled, rolled and shaped in every way imaginable. You can create pizza with your personal favourite toppings, calzones, pizza bread and many more.

Experience authentic bakery style creations right in your own kitchen. Wewalka dough is made fresh with the finest ingredients and sold in your retailer’s refrigerated case to help you quickly and easily prepare inspired recipes with perfect results.