Flatbread Dough

Our fresh Flatbread Dough is made of very thin yeast dough that uses less leavening agent (such as yeast) than our other doughs. It bakes very quickly and has a crunchy, crackling crust. Our dough comes in a rectangle format and is conveniently rolled on baking paper so it is ready to use in no time.

These days, flatbreads are found on menus in nearly every restaurant and are inspired by the original tarte flambée from Alsace, France. It has become a unique way to enjoy the qualities of thin and crispy pizza. Flatbread can be topped with the same types of ingredients, including meats, cheeses and vegetables, but you can also get really creative and fancy by using unique combinations with white or BBQ sauce, sour cream or pesto, fruits and nuts.

Flatbread makes a great appetizer and is perfect as a snack for entertaining. There are so many ways to enjoy flatbread – the possibilities are endless!

Experience authentic bakery style creations right in your own kitchen. Wewalka dough is made fresh with the finest ingredients and sold in your retailer’s refrigerated case to help you quickly and easily prepare inspired recipes with perfect results.