Filo Dough

Our fresh Filo Dough is rolled to create wafer-thin layers that are suitable for baking or deep-frying. The sheets of pastry can also be stacked to create multi-layered and flaky recipes.

Our Filo Dough is conveniently pre-cut into individual rectangle sheets and carefully folded and ready for immediate use. Filo dough is perfect for sweet or savory recipes, including strudels, quiches, tarts, pockets, parcels, the famous Baklava and many more.

Wewalka - Dough - Filo

Filo Dough, Phyllo (in Greece) or Yufka (in Turkey), is typical in Mediterranean cuisine and has been around since the 13th century. Mastering the paper thin rolling and stretching of the dough can take a long amount of time, skill and experience. Fortunately, we have done all the work! Now it is easy to make up delicious, flaky pastries using our Filo Dough, that will be sure to impress everyone.

Experience authentic bakery style creations right in your own kitchen. Wewalka dough is made fresh with the finest ingredients and sold in your retailer’s refrigerated case to help you quickly and easily prepare inspired recipes with perfect results.