Dough Balls

Our fresh dough balls are packed in foil bags and ready to use. The dough ball […]

Flatbread Dough

Our fresh Flatbread Dough is made of very thin yeast dough that uses less leavening agent […]

Flatbread Dough Kit

Wewalka Flatbread Dough Kit comes with a fresh Flatbread Dough rolled on baking paper.

Focaccia Dough

Our fresh Focaccia Dough is an airy and soft yeast dough. It is a large-pored dough […]

Grill Dough

Our fresh Grill Dough is a yeast dough with a soft and light texture. It rises […]

Mini Pizza dough

Our Mini Pizza Dough consists of 6 mini pizzas, pre-perforated & rolled on baking paper and […]

Pizza dough

Our fresh Pizza Dough is a yeast dough refined with olive oil and perfect flour-to-water ratio […]

Pizza dough Kit

Our fresh Pizza Dough Kits come with our delicious Pizza Dough and a jar of tomato […]

Sausage Roll Dough

Our fresh Sausage Roll Dough is a hearty yeast dough. It is compact and has bread-like […]

Croissant Dough

Our fresh Croissant Dough is a fine layered yeast dough with only a subtle sweet taste. […]

Danish Pastry Dough

Our fresh Danish Dough is a fine sweet layered yeast dough. It combines the best properties […]

Danish Pastry Dough Kit

Our fresh Danish Dough Kits come with our delicious Danish Dough and a cup of vanilla […]

Sweet Roll Dough Kit

A classic favorite is now even more convenient. Wewalka Sweet Roll Dough Kit comes with a […]

Yeast Cake Dough

Our fresh Yeast Cake Dough is a sweet and versatile yeast dough. It has a light […]

Empanada Dough

Our fresh Empanada Dough is a short crust dough refined with olive oil. Our dough forms […]

Filo Dough

Our fresh Filo Dough is rolled to create wafer-thin layers that are suitable for baking or […]

Puff Pastry Dough

Our fresh Puff Pastry Dough is a multi-layered pastry dough made of paper-thin layers of fat […]

Short Crust Dough

Our fresh Short Crust Dough is based on the universal and widely known formula of “one […]

Biscuit Dough

Our fresh Biscuit Dough offerings include specialty short crust doughs or the honey gingerbread dough in […]

Cookie Dough

Our fresh Cookie Dough is conveniently shaped as a log and comes in many different flavors. […]

We use the HIGHEST-QUALITY INGREDIENTS for our basic doughs available in countless formats, as well as premium and specialty doughs.



Lactose free





Palm free

Experience authentic bakery style creations right in your own kitchen. Wewalka dough is made fresh with the finest ingredients and sold in your retailer’s refrigerated case to help you quickly and easily prepare inspired recipes with perfect results.