Largest family owned, global producer of fresh dough

Wewalka is the largest family-owned manufacturer of fresh dough rolled on parchment paper worldwide, and has been growing steadily since it was founded as a master confectioner’s business in 1987.

Our headquarter is in Sollenau, south of Vienna. We are partners of international brands and dealers, and we market our products in around 30 countries. We operate a second production site in Celldömölk, Hungary and a sales office in the US.

Philosophy & Vision

We are a family-owned business with a unique, bakery heritage. We love baking and work passionately to elevate in-home baking experiences for your customers. We build on our traditional master baking heritage to create delicious products that are easy to use and sure to succeed, and we aim to provide authentic, bakery-style dough that your customers will love.

„Authentic, bakery style dough for every kitchen – made easy“
As owner of this company my vision is to provide everybody with fresh dough in authentic bakery style quality – made easy.
Anton Gsellmann