Wewalka relies on the best and most competent employers. In addition to professional qualifications, there is also a focus on soft skills and leadership skills. Within the scope of our internal academy, we organize a broad range of seminars, events and platforms for the ongoing training and development of the individual employees.

We organize a three-day welcome program for new employees to get to know the company and the various departments. As an added bonus, every employee is given the opportunity to be involved in our fresh dough production up close for one day.


For the ongoing training and development of our employees, we organize various language courses as well as events such as the “English Lunch.” Wewalka is interested in knowledge exchange between employees. It provides them with the opportunity to share their experiences at the “Pick and Mix Knowledge” event. Further training in the fields of communication, collaboration and conflict management is also available to our employees. For specialists and managers, we organize special Wewalka coaching, as well as individual and team reflection sessions in the field of soft skills development. Our qualification programs provide structured professional development opportunities for all areas of production.


Our health is our most important asset – which is why Wewalka has varied health promotions in place. The company focuses on sustainable promotion and preservation of the health of our employees with diverse exercise programs including shiatsu, running groups, workout courses, health workshops and health screenings. Nutrition is another essential factor in the field of health. In order to guarantee our workforce health-conscious nutrition, our employees can help themselves to a free fruit basket and they also benefit from subsidized lunch menus.

Hannes Stanislaw

Hannes Stanislaw

Qualified Trainer

As a trained baker who has passed the Master Examination and can look back on many years in the industry, I found my perfect job at Wewalka in 2012. In production, my job is to improve workflows, train our employees and keep an ear open for all professional questions, and sometimes even one or two personal ones. I assist new employees during the first few weeks on the job. Recently, I have also committed to being a vocational training school teacher for the new up-and-coming members of our profession.

Kathrin Marx

Kathrin Marx

Brand Manager

I have been working as brand manager for Wewalka since 2018. I am responsible for all communication measures relating to our brand as well as employer branding in cooperation with recruiting. Beeing part of „Pick and Mix Knowledge“, I assist with tips and tricks for maintaining the corporate identity and support colleagues in the creation of various documents for internal and external communication.