Production Careers

In production, our employees have the opportunity to engage in ongoing further development through a specialist or management career. Through our internal qualifying program, it is also possible, for example, to progress from being a production worker to a Dough Mixer, Machine Operator, and then a Production line Manager, right up to other fields such as Quality Management or Research & Development.

Bojan Cancarevic has been working for Wewalka for 11 years and has enjoyed a classic management career. After starting with the company as a Dough Mixer in 2008, he trained to become a Machine Operator three years later. Shortly thereafter, he became a Production line Manager, and in 2014 was even promoted to Hall Manager. Today, Bojan is responsible for up to 20 employees. As a deputy to the shift manager, he also manages the entire production shift from time to time.

Erwin Galac began his career as a Dough Mixer at Wewalka, before training to become a Machine Operator. Soon after, he took the step to become a Production line Manager before choosing to join the Quality Assurance Team.

Sükrü Kuzu started out at Wewalka back in 2007 and is now a Production line Manager. After working for one year as a member of the production staff, he was able to further his career to become a Dough Mixer. He then took the step to become a Machine Operator. Since 2015, Sükrü has been working as a Production line Manager and is responsible for a production line, including a team of staff.

Georg Stickler completed the apprenticeship to become a Mechanical Engineer at Wewalka between 2008 and 2012. Since then, he has been working as a Maintenance Fitter on the maintenance shift, ensuring the smooth running of the production machinery and equipment.