Wewalka - Suasage Roll Dough

Sausage Roll

Sausage Roll Dough

Our fresh Sausage Roll Dough is a hearty yeast dough. It is compact and has bread-like consistency when you bite into it.

We offer our Sausage Roll Dough in a standard (wheat flour) version and as a premium version with spelt and whole meal wheat flour. Simply roll it out and it is ready to use. It is rolled to the correct thickness on baking paper and it comes pre-cut in the form of six triangles that only need to be filled, rolled in and then off it goes into the oven.

Wewalka - Croissant

This dough is great for savory snacks and treats such as sausage rolls. It is a compact dough and it balances nicely with salty treats and ingredients!