Wewalka - Dough - Danish Kit

Danish Pastry

Danish Pastry Dough Kit

Our fresh Danish Dough Kits come with our delicious Danish Dough and a cup of vanilla flavored cream cheese or a jar of fruit jam to create the delicious recipes you desire. This convenient combi-pack gives you delicious pastries in no time and without the hassle of buying numerous individual ingredients.

Wewalka - Danish Kit

Our Danish Dough is a fine sweet layered yeast dough. It combines the best properties of yeast dough and puff pastry dough, making fine baked goods both buttery and fluffy, and soft and crisp at the same time. Similar to puff pastry, thin layers of fat are incorporated into the pastry, creating a layered texture. It is not as flaky as puff pastry, but has a nice, rather compact consistency on the inside.


Danish Dough can be used in many ways to create sweet recipes. It can be rolled, folded, twisted, braided, etc. to create a unique and easy recipe. Danish Dough has inspired delicious recipes all over the world and its sweet flavor is sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth!